Adventist Churches That Make a Difference

This companion book to the third-quarter 2013 Sabbath School quarterly offers, as the title suggests, stories of Adventist churches that are already making a difference in their communities, and shows how your church can do the same where you live. Practical and inspiring!  English available at Spanish available at 

It's Time

Dwight Nelson has recommended the book "It's Time," for inspiration on reaching cities! The book is packed with stories and ideas for reaching your city. The Kindle version is now just $1.99!  Share stories with your church or prayer group to get them involved.

Mission to the Families in the Cities

Reaching a city can start with reaching a family. Check out this resource from Adventist Family Ministries ooks available at

It's Time: The Urgency of Urban Mission

“A document coming out of a five-day urban mission conference earlier this month, and approved last week by Annual Council delegates, urges world church leaders to give “higher priority” to urban mission in territories. The document specifies establishing or growing an Adventist presence and “needs-based” ministries in cities with populations of more than 1 million. It also urges greater urban mission work in all cities throughout the world.

The document repeatedly emphasized that ministries should include three major components: wholistic, based on the ministry methods of Jesus, and ongoing strategies. The document comes two years after Adventist Church President Ted N. C. Wilson called for increased mission in cities.” –Adventist News Network

Click HERE to view the document “It’s Time: The Urgency of Urban Mission.”

 Treading Urban Ground Like Jesus

Nineteen hundred and one. The first year of the twentieth century. In New York City, the Tenement House Law of 1901 culminated years of effort by reformers to turn squalid and dangerous housing to be safer and healthier. The panic of 1901 started the first-ever crash on the New York Stock Exchange—and thousands of small investors limped away bankrupt. And in the summer of 1901, New York City withered under the deadliest heat wave in its history. In a one-week period, at least 989 people died in weather that Cole Thompson describes as “so hot it melted asphalt and drove scores of New Yorkers insane.”... More

Urban Ministries

Cities are more than malls, high rises, and mass commutes. Cities are individuals who are precious in the eyes of Jesus. Jesus wept over the cities not out of pity but because He knew the challenges that would hinder the gospel work in urban areas. But the apostles, and Paul in particular, demonstrated the need to reach cities and the difference the gospel can make in the cities of Corinth, Rome, and Thessolonica. We need the same passion to minister to people living in our modern urban environments.

The following resources are provided to nurture urban churches and urban ministries, and to encourage and to equip those involved in urban evangelism. These resources are divided into five categories: Renewal, Equipping, Outreach, Reaping, and Nurture. All who may be called to urban ministry and evangelism will benefit from utilizing the following these resources... More

Comprehensive Urban Evangelism - Annual Council 2011

The world’s cities present a formidable challenge for the Seventh-day Adventist Church. More than half of the world’s population lives in cities with approximately 200,000 people moving from rural communities to urban communities every day, globally. This is around 70 million per year, or 130 every minute... More

Ministry in Motion

MINISTRY IN MOTION is a program where we explore best practices for your ministry in the 21st century.  Wherever you serve on planet earth, in the United States or the United Kingdom, Austria or Australia, Zambia or Zimbabwe, God wants you to be a great Christian leader.  Whether you’re a full-time pastor or a lay leader of your Christian fellowship, God wants to use you to impact your world.

Urban Evangelism: Gary Krause offers insights on why pastors should focus on urban evangelism and provides useful tips on how to work in these spiritual hotspots... More 

Community Outreach: Ivan Williams explains why the church should connect with the local community and provides useful ways to get started now... More 

Multicultural Churches: Cheryl Doss examines the needs, benefits and challenges of a local multicultural congregation... More

The Local Church as an Evangelistic Center: Mark Finley outlines the benefits for local congregations as they serve their community’s emotional, physical and spiritual needs... More

Preparing Yourself for Public Evangelism: CD Brooks lays the groundwork on how to get ready for a major evangelistic campaign... More 

Life Changing Evangelistic Preaching: Mark Finley shares his life story as pastor, evangelist and how God has used him to lead thousands to Christ during more than 40 years in ministry... More

Reaching Other Faith Groups: Nathan Krause explains the importance of befriending other faith groups in your local community and how this association can become beneficial... More

Toward a Theological Basis for Urban Ministry

Jesus did not flee places bulging with people, but sought them out so He could preach the good news, teach them, and address their felt needs. Incarnating and modeling what the church should be a symbol of the kingdom and its agent in the world Christ went about ministering in peopled contexts and speaking to "urban" issues... More

Revival and Reformation

Mission to the Cities is a comprehensive and sustained approach to reach people living in the cities. It envisions initiatives in more than 650 of the world’s major cities, beginning in New York City, running from now until 2015. Comprehensive evangelism includes fostering spiritual revival, establishing friendships, building relationships, personal witnessing, health ministry, youth ministry, community service, home groups, literature distribution, centers of influence, ministry to the impaired and disadvantaged, media outreach, public evangelism, and church planting... More

Urban Ministry: An Overlooked Mission Field?

In the inner cities of America, where poverty, drug abuse, and crime are as bedrock as the endless rivers of asphalt and cement that connect house to apartment and storefront to bar, there are many needs crying out for answers. Suburban churches are far removed from the realities of urban life, so what can they do to help?... More

The challenge and future of urban ministry: The case of White Memorial Church

The story of how The White transformed itself from a thriving institutional church into an urban parish congregation may offer lessons to other inner-city churches... More